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The people of Myanmar call on the G7 to stop writing letters of concern and take action

We urge to G7 governments and ministers to:

1) Formally recognize that the junta has no legitimacy and no control over large parts of Myanmar – it is a criminal gang and is not and will not be the government of Myanmar – do not engage with it diplomatically, expel its military attaches, do not invite its representatives to or attend international governmental meetings to which it is invited.

2) Formally recognize the National Unity Government (NUG) which has been accepted by the people of Myanmar as our legitimate government and support its efforts to hold the criminal junta to account in international courts.

3) Provide weapons and other support to democratic forces resisting the junta.

4) Cut off all revenue streams to the junta, including by enforcing existing sanctions and enacting sanctions on the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) and Myanma Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB), so that it cannot finance its war against the Myanmar people.

5) Ensure that the junta has no access to or role in the distribution of humanitarian aid. Aid must instead be delivered through civil society organizations, the National Unity Government and Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations.

6) Sanction aviation fuel and enact an arms embargo on the junta.

Inaction by the UN Security Council, or even the inability of G7 nations to act together, should not deter states from acting unilaterally. A failure to act is a form of complicity.

Please stand with Justice and Humanity by acting now.


Oppressed People of the Myanmar


Open Letter to G7 Aug 5 (Final)
Download PDF • 671KB

Open Letter to G7 Aug 5 (Final) Mya Version
Download PDF • 363KB

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