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Our donations go to Myanmar 

Dear international communities and friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to kindly invite donations for raising funds to provide humanitarian assistance for our country Myanmar.

Myanmar has been in a state of turmoil since 1st February 2021 when the military deliberately made the false accusation of election fraud and deposed the democratic government in Myanmar. Since then, the junta is lawlessly committing crimes against humanity and carrying out lethal crackdowns on those who protest and oppose them. 

According to AAPP (Burma), over 4144 people were killed and more than 25,274 people have been arrested by the junta in relation to its seizure of power, (19,677) are currently in detention, (7,698) of whom are serving sentences. There were also several reports claiming about the excessive use of torture on political prisoners and sexual abuse on women inside prisons. In addition, the military has also been carrying out acts of terrorism and committing crimes against humanity on its citizens, blatantly violating The Human Rights Act and The Geneva Conventions. These include deploying heavy offensive military operations against citizens by shelling villages, burning down civilian buildings and cultural sites as well as using excessive airstrikes to attack civilian targets. Thousands of people are being internally displaced amidst these devastating circumstances and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. (Read more here : )about the coup in Myanmar.)
Therefore, we believe that the most efficient way to alleviate the chaos inside Myanmar is no other than financially supporting those affected inside the country. Every donation we receive is significant in providing humanitarian assistance to people of all ages who are bravely resisting the torture of the merciless military regime. Your generosity will make a remarkable difference by allowing us to accelerate our effort to eradicate military dictatorship and shape a better future for Myanmar.



For those who cannot enjoy and celebrate Christmas

To provide necessities for the children who are fleeing the war in Myanmar, we are planning to support $7 per child this Christmas. Currently, CRPH Support Group (Norway) is taking responsibility for the needs of 300 children, and we would like to kindly invite you to make donations and contribute to raising additional funds to further fulfill the needs of the remaining 500 children. At present, there are 821 Myanmar refugee children under the age of 10 in 9 refugee camps located in Saiha, Mizoram, India. To make necessary provisions for these children during this winter, we will donate $7 per child. The aim of this donation is no other than to encourage and give mental strength to these children who have lost their homes and have nowhere to go. So, let’s help the children in every aspect we can!

To donate: 

Bank account number: 12546355096

Vipps number: 730578

Best regards,

CRPH Support Group, Norway



Donate to basic education

Since February 2021, more than 450 schools, universities, and educational facilities in Myanmar were attacked by the Myanmar military. Military use of schools and universities was also pervasive. Such attacks and military use of education infrastructure have created a hostile educational context for students, parents, and educators. The National Unity Government is committed to protecting children from the effects of armed conflict and, facilitating flexible ways to continue their education.

Donate to basic healthcare 


Since the military coup in 2021, healthcare workers were arrested or beaten while providing care to protesters, ambulances were destroyed, and health facilities were raided. Healthcare in Myanmar is still under attack. The military is launching brutal offensives throughout the country, razing villages, damaging or destroying health infrastructure with artillery or air strikes, and blocking medical aid to territories controlled by the pro-democracy forces. With the help of the healthcare workers who joined the Spring Revolution, the National Unity Government has set up training facilities for local healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities for war victims and the local population. However, their efforts are constantly challenged by an insufficient supply of medicines and equipment.

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