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UK announces new sanctions against Myanmar ahead of 1-year anniversary of coup

UK joins US and Canada in coordinated action against Myanmar military regime, targeting individuals responsible for undermining democracy and rule of law.

  • new UK sanctions against military regime enforced in joint action with allies

  • three individuals targeted for their involvement in undermining democracy and the rule of law

  • Foreign Secretary condemns the military coup and calls for return to democracy

Announced on the eve of the 1-year anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar, the UK has designated new sanctions against 3 key members of the regime who have been instrumental in suppressing democracy and stifling opposition voices.

In coordination with the United States and Canada, new sanctions will be brought against:

  • Dr Thida Oo, Myanmar Attorney General

  • U Thein Soe, Chair of the Union Election Commission

  • U Tin Oo, the Chair of the Anti-Corruption Commission

All 3 individuals are responsible for disregarding the Myanmar election results in November 2020 and supporting unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud in an attempt to legitimise the coup.

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