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International response to Ukraine situation highlights sluggishness on Burma/Myanmar

  • Since 1 Feb 2021, international governments have dragged their feet in responding to the Burma crisis. The junta has been allowed to continue its destruction, and brutality against the people of Burma, supported by international revenue flows.

  • During 1 Jan–22 Apr this year, there were 4,971 armed clashes and attacks on civilians in Ukraine. While this exceeded the 3,310 in Burma over the same period, the state of conflict in Burma has now gone on for 15 months and involved at least 10,962 clashes and attacks.

  • In the face of Russian aggression and atrocities in Ukraine, the international community has used its tremendous power to dissuade Russia from continuing. However, despite recognizing the urgency of protecting civilians, the international community has not gone nearly far enough in responding to the Burma crisis.

Read more from the attachments below:

English version:

Burma Vs Ukraine Breifer (Eng Version
Download PDF • 773KB

Myanmar version:

Burma Vs UKraine Breifer (Mya Version)
Download PDF • 388KB

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