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Kokang armed group reports major losses on junta’s side in Mongko battle

A military offensive against the ethnic Kokang Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) in the Mongko area resulted in the death of around 100 of the junta’s own troops in a battle over the weekend, according to a statement issued by the MNDAA’s information department.

The coup regime’s armed forces reportedly used fighter jets and heavy artillery to attack the Mang Yang base of the MNDAA, located nine miles east of Mongko town in northern Shan State’s Muse Township.

The shelling began at around 6am on Sunday, and was followed by a ground attack hours later, according to the Kokang armed group. They described the battle as lasting the entire day and involving around 500 Myanmar army troops from four Infantry Battalions (IB)—15, 59, 79 and 113—under Light Infantry Division (LID) 99 and one, IB 313, under LID 77.

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